Us is me – Marbys Negretti.  

I started off in the industry as a professional fashion model all over the world. This ultimate experience gave me the opportunity to look behind the curtains of one of the world’s biggest industries. This insight gave me an understanding what we were still missing in the fashion world – unique and classy beachwear for men.  

After my professional career I first focused on my degree in fashion design. I studied and graduated in Barcelona before I founded my brand Negretti Couture focusing foremost on high-end evening gowns and dresses for women. I moved to Madrid and opened my first own atelier with a little staff. Facing a highly competitive branch of the fashion world with already existing strong global players I came back to my initial idea after trying to work for women.  

The world was missing classy beachwear for men inspired by art. Prints and patterns that did not exist in any other brand. I wanted to make something different and always with something extra – so I founded Negretti Beachwear and started off with my first small collection in summer 2018.  


Quality for us means perfection from the beginning.
We found those uncompromising quality standards in Colombia. But why Colombia? As one of the most vibrant Latin-American countries Colombia has a long-lasting tradition of making high quality Lycra garments for decades. With specially developed treatments and finely woven Lycra fabrics the quality maintains a product that both feels luxury on the skin and guarantees longevity.

Quality for us means trust and loyalty.

At Negretti Beachwear we are loyal and our manufacturing partners are a part of our brand family. Trust is the essential basis for a successful teamwork. That means we visit our production sites regularly to ensure a high-quality product but also human working conditions for our partners.


Our products are made with love and passion.
One key to a durable product is handcraft. From the first to the last step our products are handmade. The designs are heat-printed onto the garment in a complex process to make sure the color never fades or loses brilliancy over the time. Every piece is stitched and seamed by hand to promise a robust product. But robust does not mean rough or scratchy.

Our products are very light – lighter than any other product on the market. Our developed Lycra is so light and silky it floats on your skin but also adapts to every heavy-duty movement and depicts are high tear-resistance.


Our designs – made in Italy.
The patterns and prints for our products come from the most accredited fashion houses in Milan. Each print is individually developed for every product and you will never find it elsewhere. This makes every piece of our collection very unique and you always get a very individual product.

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